We appreciate your interest in our Black Friday Sales event! To make the most of this exclusive opportunity, we kindly request that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following criteria:

To be eligible for this offer, your total purchase amount needs to reach at least $1,300 before taxes. Upon meeting the $1,300 purchase threshold, you will be entitled to receive a complimentary MiniCo. that will be included in your order.

Single purchase order (PO), no back orders, while supplies last.

Exclusive to online orders, no other programs apply.

Please note, all inventory must be in stock and available for shipment to fully take advantage of this promotion.

Once meeting the $1,300 purchase amount before tax, you are eligible to pick (1) free MiniCo. from the list provided:

SKU # Item Title
ISDCCBAT73622-MC Iron Studios - Batman Forever Batman – MiniCo.
ISDCCBAT73722-MC Iron Studios - Batman Forever Riddler – MiniCo.
ISDCCBAT73822-MC Iron Studios - Batman Forever Robin – MiniCo.
ISMARCAS65022-MC Iron Studios - Captain America Sam Wilson MiniCo.
ISMF0013 Iron Studios - Ian Malcolm MiniCo.
ISMH0005 Iron Studios - Cyborg MiniCo.
ISWBLOR28920-MC Iron Studios - Gandalf - Lord of The Rings – MiniCo.
ISMARCAS32320-MC Iron Studios - Pepper Potts - Avengers: Endgame – MiniCo.
ISTHCATS25219-MC Iron Studios - Panthro - Thundercat’s MiniCo.
ISMARCAS48321-MC Iron Studios - Psylocke - X-Men MiniCo.
ISWBHPM39821-MC Iron Studios - Harry Potter at The Quidditch Match - Harry Potter – MiniCo. Illusion
ISWBHPM39921-MC Iron Studios - Harry Potter and Buckbeak - Harry Potter – MiniCo. Illusion

Please note, the Black Friday Sale will run from Monday, November 6th, 2023, till Thursday, November 23rd, 2023.

Thank you for participating in our Black Friday Sale!